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2/26/20232 min read

Dear Customer,

How are you? We hope you are doing well.

But are you now in headache of future business because of the current

pandemic ?

On how to take more new orders for new profits?

We know! It made us all so difficult for business and living.

But lives must go on, business has to go on...

We might not be so lucky to grap those chances during the pandemic, and we

still have to do what we are professional so far.

BUT what if we could do it smarter, faster and with less energy costing?

Now we are excited to present:

XIECHENG new product

High Efficiency Energy Saving Hopper Dryer

Maybe, this could be a new chance for us for the post pandemic age with this:

With the help of the new energy saving heating resistance, on the right is

the standard one. It is exactly same that Shini is promoting! This could save

up to 20~40% electricy power consumption!

The magic is from this new type of heater.It's insided built with

aluminum, design heating could up to 200C, but we will set at 160C max.

It won't break even the fan is broken for its self protection.

How it works?

Standard XCG100KG

Price: $ 498

Energy Saving


Price: $ 855


Cost is DOUBLED????

YES but also NO!!!!

Let's do the math~

Detils of math:

100KG dryer, rated power 6.5KW. Average power consumption

70%. So power consumption we say 4.55KW per hour

Ond day 24 hours, one month 30 days

Consider power cost $0.1/(KW·h)

4.55KW·h * 20%=0.91 KW·h

0.91KW·h 30 24=655.2KW·h

655.2KW·h * $0.1/(KW·h)=$65.52

Energy Saving Model could SAVE 20 ~40% power

Each hour it's saving power 0.91 KW·h

Tha's 655.2KW·h power in a month!!! Or USD65.52 monthly


AND.....$855-498=357 $357÷65.52=5.45

In less than one half year, their costs are the same!

Within another 7.6 months, it is like



It's rare and new in the market just now, we would be so different.

And its quality is asured. We get it all tested.

We know it's so hard to just fight with price, but we could try to do

something different and win new customers

I think reasonable end customer could do the math and take the chance to

check. We could even make it with double layered insultaion, so in most

circustances it could work as small size Euro Type Dryer for engerring

plastics like PET, PC, etc.